Global Project Capital (GPC)

1. Is a Consultancy Group: providing access to capital markets for project funding.

2. Facilitators to business and governments requiring Project Funding / Financing.

3. Consultants to assist in the preparation of a formal Project Funding application.



1. Project Management for large scale projects - government and large corporations.

2. Financing for APPROVED commercial development and eco-focused Projects

3. Various financial services through international and private banks in many locations.

4. Financing solutions through bonds, debt instruments and other financial products from major banks and regulated financial groups within the major capital markets.

5. Settlement services for major transactions in treasuries and bonds.


Global Project Capital is a consultancy group with over 40 years experience in banking and financial services in leading capital markets. GPC maintains associations with leading international banks, private banks and other financial institutions. We consult with major businesses and governments, requiring financing and funding assistance for major developments and eco-focused projects. We assist in the preparation of a formal application to obtain suitable project financing / funding for development projects.


Our professionals bring executive level experience in top-tier investment banking and consultation in various industries throughout the world. We provide access to the most advanced financial products and source unique funding solutions through leading capital markets providing funding to the world in accordance with global monetary policy.




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